Facebook course Curriculum

Introduction to Facebook & Instagram (Meta) Ads

Assets on Facebook & Instagram

Meta (FB & IG) Advertising Policies

Ad Manager vs Business Manager

Demographic-Based Targeting

Interest-Based Targeting

Behavior-Based Targeting

Layered Targeting

Finding Hidden Interests for Free

Integrating Facebook Pixel

Integrating Conversion API (NEW)

Fixing problems with Pixel

Domain Verification + Aggregated Events (AEM)

Standard Events in FB Ads

Understanding Remarketing

Urgency based Remarketing

Scarcity based Remarketing

Comparative Remarketing

Benefits based Remarketing

Ad reporting dashboard

Key Metrics & Funnel

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Ad Set level optimization

Ad level optimization

Pre-Click & Post Click Journey

Pre-Click & Post Click Journey

Audience stages / Traffic temperature

Ad Creative Inspirations

Approach behind making winning Ad Creatives

Making Static Ad Creatives

Making Video Ad Creatives

Creating a Conversion Objective Campaign

Custom Audience – Part 1

Custom Audience – Part 2

Benefits based Remarketing

Social-Proof Based Remarketing

Objection Handling Based Remarketing
Product-Demo Based Remarketing

Secret Discount Based Remarketing

When & How to Scale

Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

LLA Based Scaling

ABO Based Scaling

How to leverage ChatGPT for Meta Ads

Market & Product research with ChatGPT

Finding interests faster

Write winning Ad copies with ChatGPT

Ad creative brainstorming

Campaign Structure

Campaign Objectives

Creating a Campaign – Walkthrough

Creating an Ad Set

Creating an Ad

Ad Copywriting Tips

Ad Copy Hooks – Part 1

Ad Copy Hooks – Part 2

Ad Copy Hooks – Part 3

Copy Formula – AIDA

Copy Formula – PAS

Copy Formula – BAB

What are Look Alike Audiences

Different types of LLAs based on data source

Creating LookAlike Campaign

Look Alike Audience based on Value

Creating a catalogue feed

Creating a catalogue on Facebook

Creating Product sets

Catalogue Sales Ad

Automated Campaign rules

Calculating campaign budget

Recover Banned Ad Account