How to become a digital marketer after 12th ?

How to Became Digital Marketer after 12th

Digital marketing has been a promising field for businesses, but more than this a great start for candidates passing 12th. Entering into this prospective field has a lot to give and shape the future.  Since digital marketing is one of the most demanding skills these days.

The one marketing strategy is completely changing the face of businesses. More and more people can now connect with their desired brands, products, or their services online. Likely no business (startup or enterprise) can step back to adopt this marketing.

Yet this is increasing the demand of students as they can shape their careers. Likely students passing 12th have a great start because digital marketing

  • Requires no exam to be passed
  • This is a short course and can be started easily.
  • Likely to be one of the affordable courses.
  • Also, a part-time course is available.

Hence if you are one of those seeking a career in digital marketing after the 12th then in this blog you will get to undertake all desired steps. Determine what importance digital marketing hold, and how to take a started career in digital marketing.

Understand the basics of digital marketing

One of the most trending marketing strategies is digital marketing. At present time, every business is adopting digital marketing techniques. It assists businesses to adopt the online medium to develop their presence.

In turn, it has opened many avenues for businesses to reach every corner of the world. In simple it has-

  1. Wider audience reach
  2. Reach the potential customers
  3. Track the reach
  4. Return on investment

However, has fundamental that works for businesses are-

  • SEO which is search engine optimization helps businesses to rank on top of Google. In this manner, businesses can develop their wider reach.
  • Social media is one of the much-adopted strategies to gain a wider reach. Users are more prone to social media and easily deliver benefits.
  • Content marketing is where users want to adopt fresh and informative content. Hence content updating is one of the best ways.
  • PPC (pay per click) where with just one PPC, businesses can undertake many leads and convert them into potential customers.
  • Email marketing makes users determine businesses across. A wider audience can be reached with a single email.

Develop skills and knowledge in digital marketing

Learning digital marketing could be very beneficial for students after passing 12th. Likely if you are wondering what skills and knowledge do you need then here those are

You need to understand the basics of content marketing and writing. Analysis of data which could help to track the success of business. The basics of social media marketing and SEO.

Also the market knowledge so that you can stay up to date. Once you sharpen your mind with the latest trends and technologies it becomes easy to assist businesses with fruitful results. Hence here you can get everything to know about digital marketing and skill to get started.

Choose a course or certification program

Choosing the best digital marketing certification program can be adopted as per choice. Likely you have to undertake all to shape your future better.

The one to start with a digital marketing course

  • Semrush academy
  • Semrush Academy (Free with Certification)
  • Udemy Digital Marketing Course
  • Coursera Digital Marketing Courses 

Including Google, Hubspot, or Facebook will benefit you to seek the expert’s advice and work on live projects. They offer the most reputed certification available and in turn shape the career.

Gain practical experience

The fact that comes with digital marketing is that this industry has a lot to offer. When fresher starts their journey with the approach then, they open many doors for the future. Along with working in the company or getting trained candidates can start with their freelancing career.

This makes candidates earn besides working in the company as well.

Build your online presence

The brand has to contribute its time to reach its potential users. This is the state which was at the time of traditional marketing and also at present time. But likely at present branding and online presence cannot be neglected.

Hence, every business is seeking the right marketing approach to get started. yet as a fresher in digital marketing, at first you will have to learn the basics of website development, and how social media marketing can help brands to develop their presence.

This mainly happens when you undertake every basic of digital marketing. To start with you will have to follow some steps.

  • You first need to set the smart goals
  • Must know who your audience is
  • You need to be human in your thoughts
  • Must seek the right relationship and not just the followers
  • Must work with all planning and strategy

Develop a network

It is your network that makes you withstand your business goals. A similar case we can talk about in digital marketing. The industry is quite wide and to withstand its perks you have to determine what importance does network hold here.

Digital marketing comes across a wide range of benefits and businesses to those experts adopt this by undertaking the network.

Here, you can get started to join online communities of your same niche or even others.

You likely have to share your post, and ideas, through which businesses can get attracted.

Joining hands with some industry’s best experts (on social media) help you to acquire your business goals. Connecting with professionals from within your niche to find the collaboration and create effective synergies.

Apply for digital marketing jobs

Apply for digital marketing jobs can be achieved online. yes, you need not have to walk in to find the best possible jobs for you. But before doing this, you have to be well prepared (in your knowledge and a strong profile).

This is completed when you have a strong cover letter (defining your skills or expertise). Your resume speaks everything about you, it has to be created in such a way that the employer can know about your knowledge.

Write what you know and can show the excel.

Also if you have worked toward some projects then preparing a portfolio will be an additional benefit. In this manner, it helps you to land your dream job easily.


Becoming digital marketing after the 12th is now becoming easy. You can adopt every piece of information about what digital marketing is and with this, you can make enough money.  Likely this is the best industry where there are tons of opportunities to unlock.

Hence, if you are thinking to join digital marketing course in surat or always wanted to showcase your talent to this promising industry then you must not wait.

We have included some important information above to help you understand the core of digital marketing jobs and its career in the coming future.

From assisting various businesses all across the globe you can make yourself rich just by following the right path and keeping yourself up to date.


Is digital marketing good for fresher’s?

For freshers, digital marketing is one of the best-adopted courses at present time. The course can help freshers to shape their careers and earning.

What is the fees for digital marketing?

The course of digital marketing can vary on the institute. But in general, it can range from 25k-40k, with research freshers can choose the course as per their choice.

How do I study digital marketing?

The best way to study digital marketing can be after enrolling online course, learning from the experts, or and the best join the course to perform practically.

How can I get into marketing after the 12th?

To get started with digital marketing after the 12th, freshers can enroll in a reputed institute or any company offering training.